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       Before making a reservation, we ask that you agree to the following terms for Camping Etiquette:

*Merry Meadows is a camping facility. Only supervised groups are accepted. We reserve the right to limit the number of campers and visitors to a site, and to select our clientele and guests.

*Reservations are not guaranteed until deposit is received. We may change site fees and any other charges at any time for various reasons. Every effort will be made to assign you to the site of your choice, however, we reserve the right to assign you to a site that best suits your RV.

*When registering in office, please bring your car license plate number with you. Please register upon arrival in the office and pay fee if applicable. No more than six persons on one site. If possible please be in and set up by 9:30pm. All cars on the campground and late arrival parking must display a car pass.

*Only one RV to a site. Tents should be set up on tent sites ONLY. No washing RV's or cars on campground at anytime. Picnic tables and fire rings should remain in place. All electrical connections between electric outlet receptacle and recreational vehicles or for other uses, should be made with three prong grounded extension cords. No cheater boxes or electrical fences allowed. Satellite dishes must be on your site ONLY. There is a $2.00 refund per night per site without electric should a power outage occur if it is Merry Meadows fault.

*Not all sites have fire rings. Please check in the office before making reservations. Fires allowed only on Class 1 & 2 days. You are responsible for any fires you start and if it gets out of control. An adult must be present whenever a fire in burning. All fires should be SMALL and under control at all times and must be EXTINGUISHED BEFORE retiring or leaving the site. Fires may be prohibited due to weather conditions.

*Please drive at a slow rate of speed through the park. Violators will be asked to leave. Please NO motorcycles, motorbikes, ATV's, any transport vehicles (other than your car/truck), or snowmobiles allowed. No children's battery operated riding toys. We do not allow golf carts. Cash only for purchases in Store, Snack Bar, and Hub. Bring Cash.

* No outdoor clothes lines. Use attachment on back of RV for drying clothing.

*All persons entering the pool area must bring their yellow registration Pool Pass and register their name and campsite number. Children age 12 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult; All other pool rules must be followed and will be enforced by Merry Meadow Staff.

*Parents are responsible for actions and safety of their children. Children 7 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Children should not be left alone at campground at any time and must be back at their camp site by 11:00pm. The playground area is not adult supervised

*Please inform all members on your campsite that bikes and skate boards are not allowed in pavilion, on on paved walking areas, or on the outdoor dance floor, and may be ridden during daylight hours only.

*Please keep pets under control and on leash six feet or less.Pets must not be left unattended and must be lead by an adult owner. No excessive barking. If any pet is creating a disturbance or showing aggression, the pet shall immediately be removed per the request of the Manager. Pets are not permitted in or around any building or activity area. Pet owners must be able to provide current vaccination paper or proof of current vaccination upon demand. Waste must be cleaned off of grounds. Pet articles are not to be placed in our washers or dryers. Aggressive pets are not allowed. Upon registration, a pet agreement must be signed releasing Merry Meadows from all responsibility regarding your pet. The campground owner can deny any pet whatsoever on the campground.

*All visitors must be pre- registered and pay required fee on arrival. Please advise visitors not to bring pets. Visitors not allowed to enter park after the office closes. All visitors must obtain a gate card ($20.00 cash refundable deposit) for their vehicle. We may limit the number of visitors at any time for various reasons and to avoid stress on water and electric consumption and at pool and rest rooms.

*Quiet time please- 11:00pm to 8:00am. Consumption of alcoholic beverages permitted at campsites only. Any rowdyism, disorderly conduct or obscene language will lead to eviction.

*Please deposit garbage in dumpsters designated on map; No pick up. Please do not dig holes in the ground or gravel for any reason.

*No loitering in restrooms. Restrooms are not intended to be used as laundry or dishwashing facilities

*Firearms, BB guns, pellet guns, sling shots, chains, fireworks, and power tools are not to be used on campground property. Cutting or hacking any living tree, shrub, or rare flower is not permitted. Nails must not be driven into trees. Living things are for all to enjoy in their natural environment.

*You may participate voluntarily in activities. We may cancel or change planned activities and facilities at any time for various reasons.

*Telephone calls accepted 9am to 5pm. (410) 357- 4088. Check bulletin board in office for expected messages. We deliver phone messages in emergency situation only.

*Check in time= 4pm. CHECK OUT TIME= 3pm. When checking out, please bring your car pass to the office. Early arrival= $5.00 per hour after 12 noon and late departure- $1.00 per hour after 3 pm. Prior approval needed. Before noon previous night's fee ( prior approval needed)

*Please report any unsafe conditions. Report accidents immediately. Anyone involved in criminal activity will be prosecuted. No soliciting on grounds without permission.

*I, including others in my party, agree not to hold Merry Meadows Recreation Farm, LLC. liable for any and all damages incurred due to fire, theft, accident, or any other claim.

*Failure to abide by the above guidelines may lead to eviction.

           Reservations are suggested and can be made in person, by phone, by mail, or by e-mail. Our Reservation, Deposit and Refund Policy is:   2 day weekend: Deposit= one night's fee when reservation is made. 2 day holiday weekend- Easter and all Halloweens: Deposit= paid in full when reservation is made.  3 day holiday weekend: Memorial, July 4th, & Labor Day: Deposit= payment in full when reservation is made. *Checks accepted only as deposit. Cancelled check is your receipt. No checks accepted at time of registration. $25.00 charge on all checks returned due to insufficient funds. With a two week cancellation notice, a full credit will be given. You must call the office when you want to use your credit. It cannot be used online. Without a 2 weeks cancellation notice, the deposit is forfeited. No refunds for premature departure. Credits need to be used in current year.

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